Paul Manafort Was Indicted On Multiple Charges

Paul Manafort was indicted on multiple charges ranging from money laundering to conspiracy and ultimately to fraud.

I recall when Robert Mueller was named special counsel sometime in May. Paul Manafort almost immediately sought to cut a deal for immunity. This really got the media’s lips wet. You see, Paul Manafort was one of the first serious political operatives hired by the Trump campaign. A Washington power broker, he was assigned to add some discipline to the shoot from the hip campaign.


We had a nickname for Paul Manafort. We called him Paul “Concrete Shoes” Manafort, we knew he was shady. There were rumors that he had propped up dictatorships in Africa, had his fingers in the Ukrainian conflict, and had ties to the ole’ Soviet bloc. He seemed to have fancied himself some kind of James Bond figure. He was, to his credit, a secret foreign agent. However, his password inscriptions broke the most basic of internet rules. His password hints were so hilariously simple that even the most novice basement hacker could crack the code. His hint was James Bond and his password? “bond007”. The real life Bond was easily hacked and his personal inner workings were posted on the dark web. Turns out even his daughters knew he was a dirty con artist.

These things won’t have any significant impact on his impeding court troubles. It does, however, highlight the overall theme of his shady character. That was plain to see. And now he’s being indicted on basically cut and dry corruption. It was not necessarily surprising, but it does leave some burning questions. Why did Trump hire Manafort? How much did Trump know about the extent of his corruption? And why did he ultimately fire him?

These questions may or may not be answered but the plot certainly thickens and Trump may be sweating marbles especially if Manafort can sing a juicy tune.

Jacob Young