The US Senate Race in Alabama Thickens

Anyone ever heard of Lee Busby? Me neither, but on Monday he announced that he is going to enter the convoluted race for the US Senate race in Alabama. The retired Marine Colonel saw an opportunity because the race is being ravaged by allegations of sexual misconduct. The origins of Busby’s 11th hour campaign began with his own dissatisfaction with the choices. “It started off innocuously enough. I was just dissatisfied with the choices I had as a voter…I didn’t know at the beginning if that was just me or if it was a more widespread feeling. Then I talked with some people, and it turned out it was as widespread as I thought it was.” Voters in Alabama clearly feel disenfranchised as their choices are between a Democrat and an alleged pedophile. Busby is seeking to capitalize on the voter frustration.

The election is but two weeks away, yet Busby is confident that he may be able to pull off an upset. His qualifications include 31 years in the military and he feels comfortable with how he stacks up. He said, “I’m glad to let the voters look at the other two candidates’ resumes, and they can look at mine on my LinkedIn page, and they can decide for themselves. The two other candidates are well steeped in Alabama judiciary experience. I don’t think that means squat in terms of a U.S. Senate campaign.” Military experience is certainly a fine prerequisite for a seat in the US Senate. John Mccain, senator of Arizona, had over 20 years in the military before entering the fray of politics. Multiple US Presidents have had military experience before entering public office and Busby hopes to be no different.


Previously, Busby worked as an aide to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, a 3-star general. It is natural to speculate whether or not Busby has coordinated this run with the current White House. President Donald Trump has vested interest in ensuring that a Republican retains Attorney General Jeff Session’s former seat. After the failure of health care changes, the Trump administration set its sights on an ambitious tax reform bill. It is critical that he maintain as many votes as possible. A failure of this tax bill would spell devastation for Trump’s first term.

Naturally, Donald Trump seeks to protect his interests, so he may be looking to hedge his bets between Moore and Busby. This is even more likely since Busby refuses to comment on the Roy Moore allegations. He says, “I view it as I don’t have an opinion and don’t care. I mean, it’s a mess. It’s not my mess, and as a voter, I’ve decided not to try to get immersed in figuring out what happened and what didn’t. I have no interest in it.”

Lee Busby would be much more palatable for voters unsatisfied with their choices. Alternatively, Busby seeks to target voters that lie outside the bounds of pure bred Republicans and Democrats. He says, “I do think that there’s this huge swath between those margins that is very open to a candidacy like this one.”

He may even be surprised by the Republican hard liners who recoil at voting for a man like Roy Moore. If there was ever an election primed for an upset, it would be this one.

The polls for the special election for the US Senate in Alabama open on December 12th